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That’s the million-dollar question that the soluCLEAN daily cleaning system is based on. soluCLEAN products come in powdered concentrate form, wrapped in a water soluble PVOH film that has been carefully designed to ping open when added to water, forming the finished cleaning product ready to be used.

The system is simple, easy to use and comes with a long list of benefits too. Our product are all designed, developed, manufactured and shipped from the Yorkshire site which makes us the only brand producing products like this that are 100% Made in Britain.


Guaranteed dosing of one tab per application

97% reduction in volume and space

No manual handling risks

92.5% carbon footprint savings

Zero single use plastics

          Proudly distributed In New Zealand by:

SoluCLEAN Sustainable Derived 

Plastic Free Packaging


 We sell an extensive range of Commercial Grade Cleaning, Hygiene & Food Packaging Supplies

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