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Why Use Soap2O

Eco friendly

Soap₂o was born out of an idea to reduce and (eventually) remove uncecessary single use plastics from the soap world. This principle was adopted by their entire business model, from product, packaging to supply. Acting with the environment in mind is crucial to Soap₂o.

No animal testing

Soap₂o has never been tested and never will be tested on animals

Easy refill process

The Soap₂o biodegradable sachets have been designed so that the sachet can be easily placed within the bottles. This ensures there is minimal risk of the concentrate encountering the user's skin or eyes. No manual handling is involved when using or moving before the water is added. The dosing is always correct which means that the active ingredients in the sachets will work at the optimum level and costs are fully controlled at the site level.

Reduce storage

Soap₂o products can dramatically reduce storage space required. To put it into perspective...in terms of distribution, on just one pallet of Soap₂o there are 36,000 litres of soap. So in terms of storage, in one of our Soap₂o sachet boxes (15cm x 9cm), there are 12 sachets which is 12L of hand soap, making it a perfect product for any sized storage cupboard. With Soap₂o you can hold 12L of hand soap in just one hand.

Save transport costs

We fit 36,000 sachets on just one pallet, so delivery is only needed once every few months. Compare this to conventional soap - this would need to be delivered once a week. Therefore, transport required is less frequent and costs reduced. Costs will also be reduced as the load is lighter due to zero shipping of water.

Reduce carbon footprint

The journey of Soap₂o products ends with the customer when the sachet is added to water in a dispenser or bottle. There is no waste product, container or cartridge to dispose of into landfill.

No plastic bottles

All Soap₂o products are made out of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol film) which instantly dissolves when added to water. Since there are no single use plastics in any part of the Soap₂o packaging or product, no micro plastics are deposited into our water system, making Soap₂o a 100% eco-responsible product.

Vegan friendly

The Soap₂o manufacturers are Vegan Society Certified which means that our products adhere to the highest standards.

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