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Putting soluCLEAN cleaning products into perspective


If a company has 20 sites to look after.... 

Every site uses 4 x ready to use (RTU) trigger spray, 4 x RTU toilet cleaner and 2 x 5L concentrate each month, then in one year by switching to soluCLEAN system, each year they would save:

Given that we don’t ship water, and it is only added when the product arrives at the customer’s site, the frequency of deliveries is dramatically reduced.


The cost of transportation is rising. We can reduce the frequency of delivery drops you require and even transport a year's supply in one delivery, in some cases. That means that your carbon footprint is reduced and your costs are too!  


Would you rather use soluCLEAN floor cleaner or a ready to use concentrate?


Risk with manual handling is a frequent problem - would you rather use solucLEAN floor cleaner or a ready to use concentrate? One weighs 0.3kg and one weighs 5kg. One eliminates manual handling risks, one creates the risks.

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