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Soap₂o: a plastic free solution

Wrapped in PVA water soluble film, Soap₂o products stop at the customer; there is no waste to discard of and the packaging is 100% recyclable.



SOAP₂O soluble soap sachets are a powerful soluble soap solution formulated to clean and moisturize your hands.

Fragrances with beautiful natural pomegranate scents and sealed in 100% recyclable packaging. 


Benefits and Features

Zero waste hand wash with SOAP₂O refillable hand soap. No need to worry about the environment because these soap sachets come in zero waste/eco-friendly packaging!

Pomegranate & Cranberry

Eco Friendly


No Plastic

Dissolves in 30 seconds


Eco Hand Soap Dispenser

Elegantly Eco manual hand soap bottles available in Midnight Black. The bottles are refillable and are made from frosted glass to ensure the quality and feel of the Soap2o hand soap experience is luxurious.

Simply add a soap sachet, fill the bottle with water  and watch the magic unfold.


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