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What are soluCLEAN soluble sachets? soluCLEAN sachets are concentrated cleaning products that have had the water removed. They are a powder wrapped in PVOH water-soluble film. When immersed in water the film completely dissolves away releasing the chemical concentrate which mixes with the water to become a ready to use cleaner.
How do I use the sachets?

Fill your cleaning bottle or bucket with water, add the sachet, shake or agitate. The sachet dissolves and the cleaner is ready to go.

The soluCLEAN products are mixed with different volumes of water according to their usage:

- 750ml spray bottles for general cleaning and sanitising

- 5Litre buckets for floor cleaners

- 1Litre bottles for the daily toilet cleaner

- 5Litre container for the commercial Liquid Dishwash

Are the soluCLEAN sachets biodegradable?

soluCLEAN cleaning sachets are biodegradable, sustainable and eco-responsible. 

soluCLEAN products are made from sustainably derived ingredients and are 90+% plant based.

Sustainability Report from the manufacturer Solupak

What does 'Plastic Free Packaging' mean?

The bags the soluCLEAN sachets come in are compostable (TUV Austria packaging) and not made from plastic.

The sachets completely dissolve in water and the PVOH film becomes part of the cleaning product. 

Traditional cleaning products are stored in single-use plastic which is sent to landfill or recycled after use. 

soluCLEAN sachets encourage a Bottle4Life system where you reuse the spray bottles over and over, reducing plastic wastage.

eg... If a customer used one 5Litre liquid concentrate per month for a year and switched to soluCLEAN they could save 4kg of plastic from going to landfill per 100 bottles.

 What does the colour coding mean on the packaging?

The packaging is colour coded for easy reference. 

BICs colour coding is a British system recommended for cleaning standards. It generally makes use of the basic colours, red, blue, green and yellow to avoid cross contamination.

soluCLEAN sachets are colour coded as follows:

- Green for food safe areas (fragrance free)

- Blue for general cleaning

- Red for washroom cleaning

- Purple for laundry

- Yellow for Clinical/Bespoke cleaning

What accreditations do soluCLEAN product have?

soluCLEAN sachets have multiple internationally recognised accreditations:

- Cruelty Free International

- Vegan

- Planetmark

- Made in Britain

- CHSA Accredited Manufacturer

- ISO9001

- ISO14001

- Nordic Swan Ecolabel

- EU Ecolabel

How does the pricing of soluCLEAN sachets compare to other cleaning products?

Domestic market:
Compared to many other soluble sachets on the market soluCLEAN sachets are diluted with 750ml of water (most similar products dilute into 500ml of water).

Most cleaning products sold in the retail market are in ready to use spray bottles where you are paying for water and plastic packaging. Concentrated soluble sachets are considerably cheaper and reduce single-plastic waste.

Commercial market:
When compared to 5Litre containers of Ready to Use cleaners soluCLEAN are very competitively priced.

When compared to 5Litre containers of concentrate cleaning products soluCLEAN may initially appear expensive, however when you take into consideration wastage, spillage and shipping these cost variances are quickly reduced. 

When you know your cleaning products are diluted correctly, with no guesswork, you know your true costs.

Do soluCLEAN sachets clean as well as traditional cleaning products?

soluCLEAN products are made for the commercial market where standards are higher and products need to work harder than domestic cleaners. 

They are designed to meet high standards of cleanliness and infection prevention.

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